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59% of Europeans say they are passionate about everything that happens in the kitchen

Six out of ten Europeans think only that, almost ...
No How the kitchen is not just the preserve of French: 59% of Europeans say they are passionate about all that is happening in the kitchen.

Gastronomy, European passion! At a time when the leaders became stars and foodies hold their breath at each exit of a guide or a ranking, gastronomy stands out as a real leisure which engage the residents of the Old Continent: 59 % of Europeans say they are passionate about all that is happening in the kitchen according to a MasterCard study / Priceless Cities.
Watered culinary programs on television, home cooks want, too, play hotheads behind their own furnaces. 47% admit, for example, test new products or new cooking techniques. The same proportion (46%) is also looking to experience new culinary experiences.
In short, everything is an excuse to live their passion. Good times which also want to enjoy gourmet restaurant. Almost three quarters (73%) are necessary not to look at the time and enjoy the meal. Indeed, all Europeans spend more of their time to these greedy and convivial moments.
In 2011, the same study was carried out and revealed that 64% of Italians would drink at least once a week outside. They are now 70%. They are also the most followers of these European parties. The same goes for the Spanish (55% against 60%), the British (44% against 55%), Germans (33% against 44%) and French (29% against 40%). Some Europeans even grow out to dinner. The Italians are the most numerous (69%) followed by the Spanish (62%) and French (55%).
These data are from a study conducted by GfK MasterCard with a panel of about 10,000 consumers living in major cities of Italy, Britain, Spain, France, Germany, Russia , Turkey and Sweden.


samedi 18 janvier 2020